Cocktail Heatmap

The Eater Philly Cocktail Heatmap: Where to Drink Now

Thanks to the Eater 38 and the Eater Heatmap, it's simple to find out where to eat right now, whether it's a hot newcomer or an old neighborhood standby. Now, in honor of Cocktail Week 2014, we're...

Cocktail Week

Cocktail Week 2014 Starts Right This Minute

Welcome to Eater's third annual Cocktail Week, starting right now on Eater Philly and throughout the rest of the Eater universe.


This Georges Perrier Tribute Dinner Features Two Top Chef Winners, NBD

What do you get when you pair a culinary legend with a handful of the hottest chefs he helped create? A reason to go to Chestnut Hill, at least.

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Eater 38

Eater's essential restaurants in Philadelphia

Eater Heatmap

Eater's curated list of what's new and what's hot
Eater 3 Comments

What Are Your Favorite (and Least Favorite) Cocktail Trends?

Philly hasn't exactly been a stronghold of craft cocktails for very long - but we're definitely running to catch up now. Along with our city's undeniable restaurant boom have come more and more...


Jose Garces' Cuban Cafe Will Go German (for Three Days Only)

Pop-up beer gardens haven't been put to bed for the season just yet: Rosa Blanca Cafe at the new Dilworth Park has one in the works for Octoberfest, starting this weekend.

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Urban Is the New Rural

New York City has a billion square feet of greenable rooftop space. That’s a lot of concrete. But some incredible urban gardeners are taking farming the next mile—upwards.

Suttonomics 12 Comments

How to Successfully Negotiate Wine Pairing Prices

Welcome to Suttonomics, where Eater Data Lead Ryan Sutton looks at facts, figures, and interesting data across the restaurant industry. This week, Ryan offers some tactical advice on how to bargain...

Eater Philly

V Street Is Soft Open, Liquor License Be Damned

The PLCB still hasn't finalized the vegan cocktail bar's license, but that means free drinks for early customers.

Eater 38 1 Comment

The 38 Essential Philadelphia Restaurants, October '14

Plywood Report

Kensington Quarters Gets New Signage From Some Dudes Clearly Untroubled by Heights

The upcoming restaurant/butcher/classroom from the owners of Bufad, Prohibition, and Cafe Lift is still a few weeks out.

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Find the Perfect Ale along Connecticut’s Beer Trail

Connecticut is home to some of the country's best breweries and beer bars.

Menu Porn

'Big and Boozy Adult Sundaes' on the Menu at 2nd Story Brewing

Opening next week, the new brewpub for Old City will offer classic American pub food with a local focus — and Triumph-influenced pretzels still on the menu.

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Marc Vetri's Lo Spiedo Finally Has an Opening Date

It's been pushed back a number of times, but Lo Spiedo will open before the end of this month.

StoryStream 1 Comment
6 Updates

Brigantessa, From Conception to Opening Night

Eater Inside

Go Inside V Street, a Global Street Food Bar From the Vedge Team

13 Images
The Shutter

Nodding Head Brewery Will Leave Center City

Owner Curt Decker says he has a deal to reincarnate the bar in another spot, but won't say where.

Where Chefs Eat

Chef Recs: Joncarl Lachman Reveals His Favorite Philly Spots

The chef-owner of Noord loves BYOBs, waiting in lines, and mayo on hoagies.


Fond Is Abandoning Its Cushy Five-Day Week For Some Reason

Casual Sunday suppers are now on the menu at the Eater 38 staple.

Opening Alert

Brigantessa, the Southern Italian Sequel to Le Virtu, Opens Tonight

One of this fall's most highly anticipated restaurants has finally hung its sign.


Former Garces Guy Bringing More Mexican to Chestnut Hill

Hopefully, El Poquito will prove more memorable than its predecessor, Chestnut 7.

Coming Attractions

Plaza Garibaldi Owner to Make the World a Better Place With a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Expansion

The noted nacho artists will open a second restaurant called Frida, because sometimes nice things happen.

Eater IDK

Eater Inside

Peek Inside Brigantessa, Bringing True Neapolitan Pizza and More to East Passyunk

12 Images
Menu Porn

Behold the Wood-Fired Southern Italian Menu for Brigantessa

The new pizzeria and forneria from the team behind Le Virtu will be open in a matter of days. Here's what you'll be eating.

Eater Dining Heatmap

Updating the Eater Heatmap: Where to Eat Right Now

Week in Reviews

Philly's Best Pho Isn't on Washington Avenue — Or in Fishtown

Adam Erace finds a surprising favorite at La Peg, LaBan goes on a rating spree, and Brian Freedman considers a Top Chef alum's burgers.

A Moveable Tweet

V Street Owner Tweets 'This Is a Good Sign,' Literally Means It

Keep your eyes peeled, because the new street food bar from the Vedge team looks like it could be open any minute now.

Fall Tracking

2nd Story Brewing Opening This Month in Old City

The former Triumph Brewing Co. space will be churning out beer again by the end of this month.

Vital Updates

Whetstone, From the Brauhaus Schmitz Team, Won't Open Until Next Year

Originally targeting a summer opening, the new spot from chef Jeremy Nolen and his Brauhaus partners is now looking at "early 2015."

Hot Hot Heat!

The 13 Hottest Brunches in Philly Right Now

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