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Chabaa Thai Hosting $1,000 Spicy Food Eating Compeition

Are You the Next Adam Richman? Photo: Travel Channel
Are You the Next Adam Richman? Photo: Travel Channel

Gather up all of your loud-mouth friends who boast they can handle ridiculously hot food and take them to Chabaa Thai Bistro for the 5th Annual Spicy Contest. This year, the Chabaa crew is offering up $1,000 to the winner of the competition, and are holding a qualifying round from Jan. 23 - Feb. 29. If you can complete the task of eating an appetizer and an entree from the competitive menu and keep your shit together, you'll be invited back for the big showdown on Mar. 13.

Points will be deducted for number of glasses of water requested, as well as some other indicators that the staff is keeping to themselves. And yes, you must sign a waiver to compete, as we're sure the finals will be an unrelenting assault on your faculties. Good luck, you crazy mofos.

Chabaa Thai

4371 Main Street Philadelphia, PA 19127