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Scott Schroeder and Jennifer Carroll Teaming Up for Greener Partners Fundraiser

Credit: Scott Schroeder
Credit: Scott Schroeder

Chef buddies Jen Carroll and Scott Schroeder (South Philly Taproom, American Sardine Bar) went on a farm roadtrip today and have been tweeting the whole thing. Schroeder's last tweet has shed a little light on why the duo is trekking all over creation on this dreary day.

Carroll's notes from the trip (seen above) mention $250 a head, number of cooks and FOH people needed, amount of goods being donated by the farmers, beer donated (Yards, Victory, Sly Fox), and the inclusion of Philadelphia Distilling Company. The paper appears to be covering up the logo for Greener Partners, a local CSA network that has farms in Media and Chester County. Schroeder's only notes list $12,500 and the need for two bathrooms.

We reached out to our Top Chef, and she confirmed that, yes, she and Schroeder are doing the fundraiser, but that dates and times have not yet been decided upon. Stay tuned for more details.