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At Long Last, Welcome to Eater Philly

eater-philly-261.jpgEater Philly has arrived.

We're thrilled to launch here in Philly, where the most earnest and talented crop of young chefs in the country make their home and open restaurants. It's a bold statement, and absolutely true. But, Philly's food scene isn't just about the cooks and industry folks. We also boast the most dedicated, borderline-obsessed food fanatics that game restaurant openings like Hollywood movie premieres, and celebrate local Beard Award wins like World Series Championships. We're excited to be a part of it.

At Eater Philly, you won't find original restaurant reviews, recipes, or too much food porn; but we have you covered with unique reporting, curated round-ups of what the food people around town—and the nation—are talking about, and commentary on the absurdity of it all. Because there's plenty of that.

Eater Philly is happy to join the Eater National family of sites, including New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, and our fellow new kid on the block: Las Vegas. Do give them a click when you get a free moment, but not quite yet.

A little about me, your Eater Philly editor, Collin Flatt: I used to be the editor of The Feast, the now-defunct food site that was gobbled up by the ever-present Daily Candy. I can still be found teaching wine and beer classes at The Wine and Beer School of Philadelphia, and consulting on craft beer lists for various bars and restaurants around town.

While Eater Philly is your source for anything and everything worth hearing about in the Philly foodscape, we can't do it without our readers—whether you are an avid eater-outer or a pro with commentary on the industry or your very own workplace. No opening, closing, back-of-the-house mishap, crazy signage, menu typo, health code violation, celebrity sighting, shady behavior, or weirdness is off-limits. Actually, we like weird, and we love absurd.

So, do keep in touch with us and send us anything you think we'd love to hear about via our tipline: Help us help you. This will be fun.