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Cheap Tacos, Chinese-German Fusion in Old City

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FISHTOWNLoco Pez is doing Dollar Taco Night, just for the heck of it. Last week, they were celebrating a big win in Craig LaBan's column, and tonight it's because it's Thursday. These guys are alright. [Grub Philly]

OLD CITYMike Naessens weirdo mashup of Chinese/German beerhall craziness called Bierstube Tsingtau is shooting to be open on First Friday in February, which is a little more than a week away. The German stuff will be there at first, and the Asian influence soon to follow. Whatever that means. [Meal Ticket]

GAYBORHOODThe Insider is saying that Garces got a "nod from the Neighborhood Zoning committee" for his Frohman's Wursthaus concept at the Letto Deli that's been planned since 2009. Until we see construction going on, we'll keep eating our share at Brauhaus Schmitz. [The Insider]