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The Special K at Koch's Deli

The Special K
The Special K
Photo: Hawk Krall

Koch's Deli has raised the bar for sandwich condiments by throwing gobs of homemade potato salad on the traditional Jewish Hoagie. Known as the Special K, this beast is packed with sliced-to-order pastrami, turkey, kosher salami, corned beef, and swiss, Russian dressing, and slathered in that most holy of picnic sides. This gem was found by our very own Sandwich Indiana Jones, Hawk Krall, who never steers us wrong and unearths the most fattening treasures.

"They don't go too crazy with the toppings, so you don't have the mayonnaise overload problem that these types of hoagies can get into. Although it's a little on the sweet side, next time I might opt for some mustard on there too," said Krall. Ten-four, good buddy.

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Koch's Deli

4309 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA