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Choose Your Own Cheese Adventure; Belgian Beer Here

OLD CITYMeal Ticket announces the arrival of Wedge + Fig's Make-Your-Own Grilled Cheese bar, which sounds like the perfect partner to the classic Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar. There's probably some crossover with ingredients, but in terms of a hangover cure, who really cares? We'll take the St. Andre and some Chohula Hot Sauce. [Meal Ticket]

RITTENHOUSEDavio's is trading in mediocre risotto for an American classic: Pepper Pot Soup. For those who don't know, this stuff kept our armies warm during the harsh winters of the Revolutionary War. Show some respect and have a bowl. Chef David Boyle suggests a pairing with bourbon. Done. [Grub Philly]

WEST CHESTERBelgium Comes to West Chester is one of the biggest beer nerd parties of the year. Iron Hill Brewery collects kegs of the most amazing and rare Belgian beers from the local brewing community and offers them up in a pay-as-you-go party. We can't count how many times our Beer of the Year experience happened at this event. Don't drive. Seriously.. [EaterWire]