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Beerjobber Delivers Craft Beer to You from Across the U.S.


Beerjobber is about to launch in the Philly area, and is providing an invaluable service: Delivering cases of craft beer directly to your house from breweries all across the country. That's right. Sean Nevins, founder of Beerjobber, has found a way to work the legal system so that you beer-obsessed folks can get normally unavailable suds sent to your home. Launch date looks to be around mid-February.

The site has different security measures set up that deliver by state and zipcode, so you can't accidentally break the law. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal for a brewery within the state to ship beer to your home, but when you leave the Commonwealth, those rules are a little different.The list of participating brewers isn't very long yet, but they're adding new ones every day from the lower 48 states.

The homescreen is pretty awesome, and requires the user to build out a profile, and then suggest beers you might like, and you fill your cart with all the goodies it can handle. The site is still in beta form, so don't go expecting too much. Shipping looks to be around $20 for a flat fee, but we will have more details shortly. We're hoping that Surly Brewing out of Minnesota gets on board soon. This is the best news all day.

· Beerjobber: Beta [Official]