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Arsonists Torch IHOP; Bedford Café Project Up in Smoke

PORT RICHMONDCBS Philly is reporting that a bunch of jerks broke into the Aramingo Ave. IHOP and set the place on fire. Luckily the sprinkler system saved the pancake mix and whipped cream. This really hurts us, because next to Denny's, our culinary education began at the breakfast chain so many years ago. Is there a Ground Round up there, too? We miss Pay-What-You-Weigh nights. [CBS Philly]

GRADUATE HOSPITALMeal Ticket is reporting that the upcoming Bedford Café, the next project from the Pub and Kitchen team, isn't going to happen. After months of local zoning bullshit, their offer expired for the building, and two neighbors snuck in and snatched it up. Oh, also, those two folks were listed as opposition to P&K's plans to raze the building, which is basically uninhabitable in its current state. We don't get you, NIMBYS. [Meal Ticket]

WEST PHILLYFoobooz gives a heads up that Rx, the longtime brunch haven, has been "closed for maintenance" for more than a week. The sign says they should have been back up and running by now, but there are no answers on the door, or on the phone. Sad trombone. [Foobooz]