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Sammy D's Opens in A.C., Buffalo Cookies a Scary Reality

ATLANTIC CITYSammy D's opened up in AC at Harrah's last Saturday. The menu has some serious Philly steez with cheesesteak dumplings and broccoli rabe egg rolls. They're billing it as a 24-hour glam coffee shop, but, apparently with Asian food. And Philly food. Got it. [Grub Street]

SOUTH STREETCookie Confidential has added buffalo wing flavored cookies to their roster, continuing their adventurous journey into the realm of inedible-sounding pastry flavors. We liked the cheesesteak one, but this version is packed with blue cheese and celery salt, and well, it sounds like it's going to be gross. But, we were wrong once before. [Meal Ticket]

GAYBORHOODThe finals of the Varga Bar Super Fowl are this Sunday, Feb. 5 at the 10th and Spruce gastropub. One lucky, or unlucky amateur chef goes up against wing-making master Evan Turney for the crown that Turney won last year in a landslide. This event promises to be a spectacle. [EaterWire]