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Wash West Civic Association to Recess Club Owners: You're Not Welcome Here

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Vinny and Pauly of Jersey Shore at The Greenhouse in NYC
Vinny and Pauly of Jersey Shore at The Greenhouse in NYC

While locals in the Gayborhood love Jose Garces' sausage, they're none too thrilled with the owners of Recess Lounge trying to launch an outpost of The Greenhouse at 725 Chestnut Street. In the latest meeting of the WSWCA, they gave a resounding thumbs down to an "ill-conceived, ill-received shitshow of a presentation" by 3 Nerds LLC, the crew behind the project.

A tipster who attended the meeting told Eater, "it's going to get ugly and be a bloodbath. They've got a lot to lose." Those sentiments appear to be spot on, as the latest notes from the association meeting show two refusals for that address at the bottom of the report.

While we commend the locals fighting off an influx of douche candy further inland than Old City (save for that weird island of misfit Jerseydelphians at 15th and Sansom St.), we would love to see how the new crowd would handle some hard-ass old school transvestites busting blowout domes along that stretch of highway. They were there first, and they've earned every inch. We'll keep you posted on the developments.

· Meeting Notes from WSWCA Zoning Agenda [WSWCA]
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725 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA