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Paris Wine Bar Opening Next Week

Wine Taps at Paris Wine Bar
Wine Taps at Paris Wine Bar
Photo: Meal Ticket

Terry Berch McNally, Queen of the London Grill, is ready to cut the ribbon on a sister restaurant, Paris Wine Bar. The new space opens next week, February 9, adjacent to the London Grill and will feature local wines served by the keg. Don't expect to see anything actually from France in those barrels, as everything is coming in from local winemakers in Berks, York, Lehigh, and Chester counties.

While the idea of drinking kegged wine might seem a little barbaric (which we're not really against) it does cut down on cost, and all pours will top out at $9.50 per glass. Food has Gallic leanings, too, with bistro classics like mussels, croque madame, and a calf's liver on Michael McNally's menu.

If you're wondering why the place is called Paris, while only frogless vino is on the menu, McNally is a fan of the famous city, and in her spare time plays Marie Antoinette during Bastille Day celebrations on top of the Eastern State Penitentiary.

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Paris Wine Bar

2303 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA