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DiNic's Moving Into Prime Digs at Reading Terminal Market

The New DiNic's at the RTM -
Philly legend DiNic's has made a big move within the friendly confines of The Reading Terminal Market, to a larger stall that can accommodate the tourist logjam their wares create each and every day. Invading the former Harry G. Ochs butcher stand, the new-look DiNic's now sports 18 seats around a centrally located counter-top, where passersby can watch the crew deftly slap together their signature juice-bomb Roast Pork sandwiches.

For those keeping score, Spataro's has now moved into the old DiNic's spot, and Eater-fave Flying Monkey Patisserie moves into Spataro's old location. Monkey's Elizabeth Halen said the expanded space will help come up with new weed-inspired sweets, like her famous Pumpple Cake, which ended up on Paula Deen.

"Baking things you come up with while high requires a lot of room," said Halen. "So, there's that." [-EP-]

51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA