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Chick-A-Lick Coming to Wash West

Soon to be Chick-A-Lick
Soon to be Chick-A-Lick
Photo: Google Maps

Ben Wang and Jack Chen, proprietors of the recently-opened Spice 28, announced that they're working on another restaurant together called Chick-A-Lick. They're moving into 138 S. 11th Street, next door to NYPD Pizza and across from the Foerderer Pavilion of Jefferson Hospital.

While the intricate details haven't been dropped yet, the duo have said that it's going to be an all-chicken-all-the-time restaurant. Soups, salads, entrees, and wraps are all on the menu, and they'll all be packed with birds. The owners have said that they're hoping for a December opening, but that could change. Hopefully they'll also change the name, as transposing the words results in something terribly, terribly dirty.

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138 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA