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Campo's Loses Cheesesteak Trademark Case

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Campo's thinks their cheesesteak is best.
Campo's thinks their cheesesteak is best.
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Campo's Deli is attempting to trademark the phrase "Philadelphia's Cheesesteak," but has now lost twice in court. To be clear, owner Mike Campo isn't looking to own the rights to the "Philadelphia Cheesesteak," but believes his version of the classic sandwich is good enough to earn an official title as our best. The courts appear to believe otherwise, as the original judgement against Campo stated that owning "Philadelphia's Cheesesteak" might cause confusion with the masses.

Campo appealed the decision, stating that his cheesesteak is "so superlative" and "gloriously gluttonous," and that he deserved the title more than anyone else. "I make my cheesesteaks as if I were making them for my own mother," Campo told the Daily News.

The Patent and Trademark Office disagreed and turned down the appeal. So, now what? Well, Campo is taking the next logical step: He is suing the director of the Patent and Trademark Office in federal court for rejecting his claim. The real question here is, which Philly institution truly deserves to get the rights to be called Philadelphia's Cheesetseak? Leave your pick and voice your argument in the comments section.

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