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Does LaBan Have Even More Power Than We Imagined?

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Will the chandeliers go?
Will the chandeliers go?
Photo: Le Bec Fin

Recently Craig LaBan laid a solid 3-bell review on the new Le Bec Fin 2.0, mostly for the fantastic food coming out of the kitchen. But, he did take some shots at the decor, calling it "funereal" and mentioning that the new ownership shouldn't have played it safe by keeping the look generally the same.

Today, frequent diner and Philly food fan Matt Tulini tweeted that LaBan's criticisms didn't fall on deaf ears, and Le Bec Fin was possibly planning on changing some things around after the column dropped.


While no one running the show at LBF has said that this is the case, it would be quite interesting to see what ends up happening to those lovely chandeliers. Stay tuned.

· Matt Tulini [Twitter]
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Le Bec Fin

1523 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA