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Stephen Starr Denies Divine Lorraine Restaurant

Who's moving into the Divine Lorraine?
Who's moving into the Divine Lorraine?
Photo: FlickRiver

Stephen Starr is joining Mayor Mike Nutter and developer Eric Blumenfeld in a cleanup effort tomorrow around the Divine Lorraine. Rumors have started swirling that this move indicates Starr's plans to open a new restaurant in the historic building which Blumenfeld recently purchased.

"I have no plans to open a restaurant there," Starr told Eater. "Lots of people have been talking about the Divine Lorraine, but there's nothing we have planned, and we're not involved."

While Starr is denying the chatter, it wouldn't be a stretch to believe it'll ultimately happen. The safe bet is a new place from Marc Vetri, as he was part of Blumenfeld's first expansion in North Philly where Osteria popped up. Of course, you can't discuss big time Philly restaurant moguls without throwing Jose Garces in the mix, too, but our money is on the bald-headed Italian superstar being Blumenfeld's first restaurant resident.

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Divine Lorraine

699 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA