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The Cove Restaurant Has Been Destroyed Is Still There

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The Cove is still there.
The Cove is still there.
Photo: Exit Zero

Cape May tourist and local haunt The Cove Restaurant and Seaside Deck has been destroyed by sea surges from Hurricane Sandy. Owner Ed Johnston has been part of the Cape May landscape for more than 40 years, and the restaurant has survived decades filled with storms, including last year's Hurricane Irene.

It's a sad day for the residents and summer regulars of Cape May. Thoughts and prayers are with Ed Johnston and his family, and for the quick return of a true old school Jersey shore jewel.

UPDATE: Jersey shore expert Jen A. Miller is saying that The Cove is still there, the police officers in the region must have been mistaken when they told locals it had been destroyed.

The pic above is from earlier today, so it's obviously still upright. But, the storm has yet to truly hit, and this could be a different story in the next few hours.

· The Cove in Cape May [Official]

The Cove Restaurant and Seaside Deck

405 S. Beach Ave., Cape May, NJ