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Insanely Rare Russian River Beer at Monk's Today

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Monk's is pouring some super-rare stuff today.
Monk's is pouring some super-rare stuff today.
Photo: Hello PA

The Monk's Mad Monday events always feature hard-to-find beer, but today, owner Tom Peters has completely outdone himself. To help support Natalie Cirluzo (wife to RR owner Vinnie) and her breast cancer fundraiser, Monk's is pouring Russian River Framboise. Russian River has only made two kegs of this beer before, and this is the first to leave the state of California.

Peters is also selling bottles of the impossible-to-get RR Toronado 25th Anniversary beer for $50 a piece, but you need to have lunch at Monk's to buy one. All of these beers are cash only, and all of the proceeds go to a good cause.

In addition to the Framboise, Peters has kegs of Supplication (2011 and 2012) on hand, Sanctification, Consecration, Blind Pig, Temptation, and Pliny the Elder. Just a normal day over at Monk's.

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Monk's Cafe

264 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA