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Tea Service at Le Petite Dauphine; Casinos Losing Big

RITTENHOUSELe Petite Dauphine, the Old World cafe on Walnut Street, is beginning British tea service on November 3. Originally, they will only offer tea on Saturday and Sunday, but as they iron out the details, it'll be available seven days a week. Reservations are required. [The Insider]

THE INTERWEBS Chef Jose Garces is the guest on this week's Food Is The New Rock podcast, and reveals a side of the Iron Chef we've never seen before. Garces dishes on his music loves, like The Cure and Neil Young, and then talks some trash on Marcus Samuelsson. He also touches on the possible L.A. spot that he's been rumored to be working on. [Food Is The New Rock]

ATLANTIC CITYIn the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City is reporting upwards of $5 million per day losses as long as they're closed. All hospitality industry employees have no way of recouping the tips and wages they've already lost, and Wall Street says they're looking at a possible 10% loss for the year. Yikes. [Grub Philly]