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Is Pat's Steaks Slumming for the Dallas Cowboys?

Yes, that's Pat's Steaks logo on Rob Ryan's chart.
Yes, that's Pat's Steaks logo on Rob Ryan's chart.
Photo: SB Nation

Most of the jokes surrounding Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid are about his weight, and almost always include a crack about his playcalling chart being a menu for a local cheesesteak shop.

Tonight, though, the logo of the legendary Pat's King of Steaks showed up on the playcalling chart of Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. This is most-likely a practical joke amongst opposing coaches who also poke fun at Reid's girth and high-probability for developing adult onset diabetes, or maybe just a clever way to draw the ire of eagle-eyed Birds fans. As everyone knows, Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and would never allow Ryan to be pocketing some dough for promoting Philly's biggest tourist trap.

For the record, Fat Andy is known to get cheesesteaks delivered from Pacilio's Pizza in Bryn Mawr after tough losses. Since that's the case, the 2012 season must be putting the Pacilio's kids through college.

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