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John Anninos Named Opening Chef of Ralic's on South

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John Anninos of Ralic's on South
John Anninos of Ralic's on South
Photo: Ralic's on South

As Ralic's on South gets closer to opening on South Street, the details are coming more into focus, and today, John Anninos has been tapped as the executive chef of the restaurant. Ralic's, which has 180 seats, will be a mash-up of seafood and sports bar, using Anninos' career-long dedication to swimming eats and fishing to design the extensive menu.

Anninos spent two years on a fishing boat, navigating the waters around North and South America to get some real-life experience with the intricacies of sourcing high-end seafood. In addition to sailing the ocean blue, Anninos worked the line at Philly's critically acclaimed Striped Bass and Le Bec-Fin (under Pierre Calmels of Bibou fame) before opening his own restaurant, Morning Catch in Audubon.

The menu is being called "shore-style," packed with grilled, broiled and fried seafood dishes from scratch, as well as bisques and chowders. Aninnos said that his daily specials will literally be out of the water a few hours before being plated. Owner David Ralic is planning on opening in late December.

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Ralic's on South

119 South Street, Philadelphia, PA