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Is PJ Clarke's Coming to Philly?

Is P.J. Clarke's coming to Philly?
Is P.J. Clarke's coming to Philly?
Photo: Google Maps

There are strong rumors flying around that the legendary P.J. Clarke's is headed to Philly in the near future. As of now, the chatter has Clarke's landing at the corner of Broad and Spruce Streets, which was most recently Ted's Montana Grill before it shuttered in late 2011. Originally, the space was earmarked for The Italian Bistro, but those plans appear to have been scrapped.

For those not in the know, P.J. Clarke's is one of the oldest bars in NYC, having been open since the 1880s. Clarke's has already expanded outside of New York to Washington, D.C., Vegas, and even Brazil. No one has confirmed anything just yet, but the deluge of "no comment" points to it being legit.

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P.J. Clarke's

Broad Street and Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA