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Cavanaugh's Crew Taking Over The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is becoming Cavanaugh's Headhouse Square
The Dark Horse is becoming Cavanaugh's Headhouse Square

One of Philly's most-beloved soccer hangouts, The Dark Horse, has been sold to the Cavanaugh's crew. The name will be changing to Cavanaugh's Headhouse Square, and they're bringing back chef Ben McNamara, who was by far the best cook that laced up an apron on the premises. McNamara was one of the gastropub trailblazers in Philly, and is making a return to that cuisine this time around at the new Cavanaugh's. McNamara is also offering Family Roast Night on Thursdays where $13 gets you a carved pork, turkey, or beef platter with soup or salad. Go big on Friday night with some prime rib for $18.

Fear not soccer fans, as footy will still be a big part of the draw for the new Cavanaugh's, as Paul Sherwin hosts weekend football Premier League and FA cup match viewing parties, and Champion League play, which happes on Tuesday. Also returning is Dark Horse barman Jim Crowley, who was a big draw in the downstairs cafe. Management said that the changeover is ongoing, and should be complete by the end of 2012.

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421 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA