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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at Ela

Theo Rutherford, a Knob Creek Distillery Diplomat, warmed the crowd with his entertaining and deep knowledge of all things bourbon. Stay tuned for details on upcoming dinners in the Knob Creek Dinner Series.

Massively talented mixologist Lauryn Obozian shook, muddled and mixed her way through a delicious alchemy that simultaneously brought forth the richness of the spirits while using flavor combinations that wowed guests. Hands-down favorite? Brown butter-infused Knob Creek bourbon with black pepper soda and lemon. Thanks to Studiokitchen's Shola Olunloyo's deft use of the centrifuge for the infusion.

A new standard in creativity was established by Jason Cichonski and crew at Ela for Knob Creek's second dinner in their 2012 Bourbon Tasting Series. Cichonski wove Knob Creek's big, bold flavor into a seasonal tasting menu and cocktail pairings. He seamlessly incorporated the subtle spiciness of Knob Creek's Rye Whiskey into a tender lobster tail perched atop butternut squash puree, coated fork-tender Wagyu beef with bone marrow and the caramel notes of Knob Creek Single Barrel and amped up the butter with the toasted nuttiness of Knob Creek Bourbon.

[Photos: Ryan Lavine]