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Union Trust Flies the White Flag, Blames "Plumbing"

Union Trust has closed.
Union Trust has closed.
Photo: Union Trust

It looks like mega-opulent steakhouse Union Trust has finally called it quits after years of bankruptcy, crappy reviews, and turnover amongst the inner-circle of the braintrust. A sign announcing a "temporary closing" was found on the door yesterday, citing plumbing as the reason for the shutter. But, no one in the food mafia is buying the story, as word of an inactive liquor license for the steakhouse has emerged, and reports of tax debts totaling $225,000 have been verified.

Owner Joe Grasso and his never-ending supply of optimism/delusion has announced that Union Trust will re-open soon, once the mechanical issues are repaired. Grasso could try and operate without a booze license, but it would take a lot of t-bone steaks and baked potatoes to bring a $13 million BYOB back into the black.

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Union Trust

717 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA