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Chef Vola's Miraculously Survives Hurricane Sandy

Chef Vola's is back in action tonight.
Chef Vola's is back in action tonight.
Photo: NJ Monthly

While Hurricane Sandy only dropped a glancing blow on the Philly area, the damage suffered by New Jersey and New York is stunning to say the least. The Jersey shore becomes Little Philadelphia in the warmer months, and many of our favorite places suffered severe destruction thanks to the storm. Food fans were especially concerned about the James Beard Award-winning Chef Vola's, which is located in an unmarked basement a block away from the Atlantic City boardwalk.

After three days radio silence from the restaurant, the worst was assumed. But today, their answering machine announced that Chef Vola's is open today, and made it out of Sandy almost completely unscathed. And while we will continue to get the word out on how you can help those businesses that weren't so lucky, this is some good news from an otherwise horrendous situation.

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Chef Vola's

111 South Albion Place Atlantic City, NJ 08401