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Vote for Philly's Best Cocktail Right Now

The Montana Payback, Blues Explosion, Manhattan
The Montana Payback, Blues Explosion, Manhattan
Photo: Tasting Table/Homespeakeasy/McDuff

As Cocktail Week winds down, it's time to vote for the best cocktail in Philly right now. Not the best of all-time, or the pretty-good-but-can-be-great-with-a-little-tweaking. Just the very best boozy tipple in our area at the moment.

Here's how it works: On Monday, we asked all of you to nominate the cocktail you think should be included in the field. Tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. we will shut down the polls, and the top 3 vote-getters will be considered finalists.

Then, the Eater editors and a group of alcohol professionals will hold a secret ballot and assign point values to each drink and a winner will be declared at 4:30 p.m..

The Nominees

The Antho at Opa - Cucumber vodka and lemon, with dill.

Blues Explosion at Lemon Hill - George Dickle Tennessee whiskey, grapefruit juice, maple syrup, and angostura bitters.

CL Smooth at Vernick - El Dorado, Cocchi Americano, grapefruit bitters, and Lagavulin 16 Year Old Scotch.

Fevre Dream at The Franklin Bar - Tanqueray Gin, Cocchi di Torino vermouth, apple mango chamomile tea.

Henry "Box" Brown at Hop Sing Laundromat - Fresh-squeezed red grape juice and El Dorado 15.

The Jersey Cocktail at The Franklin Bar - Laird Bonded Apple Brandy, sugar cane syrup, Angostura and Fee's Aromatic bitters, splash of apple cider.

Manhattan at SouthWark - Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters.

Marble Rye at Zahav - Rye-infused rye whiskey, celery simple syrup, lemon juice, club soda.

The Montana Payback at Hop Sing Laundromat - Laird's Bonded with El Dorado rum, fresh strawberries, lime, Thai chiles, falernum, and cream.

Whiskey Sour at The Trestle Inn - bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg whites.

Poll results