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Helpful Hangover Hints from Professional Boozehounds

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Definitely a hangover cure.
Definitely a hangover cure.
Photo: Reading Terminal Market, Ulterior Epicure

In honor of the Almighty Hangover, we tracked down our favorite bartenders, brewers, distillers, and professional boozers (wine and beer critics) to find out how they handle the pain the next morning. We've left the names off the list (to protect those who suggest borderline illegal, or at the very least, dangerous, cure-alls), but kept the info intact.

"Keep the party going. If you don't stop, you can't suffer. That's an answer, right?"

"Weed. But not too much. 3 puffs from the bowl will always be The Hangover Cure."

"Toast works wonders. They keep your blood sugar levels up, and that's what helps the liver metabolize booze."

"DiNic's Roast Pork Sandwich with long hots."

"Spoonful of Tabasco and a shot of Coca Cola Syrup."

"Just 2 Tylenol and 20 ounces of water, every 3 hours."

"Greasy food before you drink, not after. The heavy food slows the absorption of alcohol, and it's the immediate drunkenness that dries you out."

"Sex. But make sure she's on top. You don't want to vomit from exerting yourself."

Did we miss your favorite hangover cure-all? Put it in the comments and educate your fellow boozehounds.

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