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Chef David Katz Chooses the Life of a Meat Man

Katz is now a meat man.
Katz is now a meat man.
Photo: Matt Hurst

Shortly after closing up his beloved cult-fave restaurant Mémé, David Katz took a job helping out Terence Feury open his newest endeavor, Tavro 13. But, out of the blue, Katz tweeted that after his last shift at Tavro, he was hanging up his apron, but wouldn't say what he was going to do. Today, Katz spilled the beans to Eater.

"I just took a job selling beef for Creekstone Farms. I'll be responsible for the Northeast region," Katz told Eater. "I want to be there more for my family and see my kids grow. It was a very tough decision, but being around more for my kids is just more important at this stage in my life."

Katz, who has always been very outspoken, always let his opinions be known to the universe. But, he backed up that talk with immense talent, and some of the best dishes Philly has ever seen. Katz didn't rule out returning to the kitchen in the future, either.

"As for return to kitchen, who knows. One day maybe, but can't say. Maybe in a casual street or take out food capacity and more as an owner, but we will see. Not anytime soon, though."

Katz often used Creekstone in his restaurant, so at least he's selling product that he's familiar with and respects. But, it was time for him to focus on a different part of life. "Cooking is awesome and I do love it and will miss that environment, but this is also very exciting," Katz said. "I can't wait to explore the food world a little from this end. Also, I'll finally have off weekends."

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