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Who Is the Most Overrated Philly Food Personality?

Lorenzo's (in better times) is the definition of overrated
Lorenzo's (in better times) is the definition of overrated
Photo: Chrystina Noel

The Philly media loves our food and bar scene, and more importantly, all of the national attention we've gotten in the last few years. Next to professional athletes and TV news personalities, chefs have become the hottest local celebrities, and the foodie culture is growing exponentially.

Because of this swing towards food fandom from the gen-pop, local newspapers, magazines, and blogs have spent tons of ink and screen real estate making stars out of previously under-appreciated hardworking cooks, and the most talented bartenders have become household names with legions of fans.

It also points the finger at us for giving these people so much attention, but here's your chance to even the score. So, please nominate the person, people or places that are The Most Overrated in Philadelphia, in the comments below or send us a message on the tipline.

The only rule is that you can't just put someone's name and leave it at that. You must give a reason for why they're not deserving of the attention, and it can't be something like they stood you up for a date or stole your boyfriend/girlfriend. On Friday, we'll list the top 5 nominations and put them up to a vote. Annnnnnd, Go!

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