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Combat SantaCon With Eater's 'No Drunk Santas' Signs

SantaCon is less than three days away. This Saturday, hundreds of Philadelphians will don cheap Santa suits and get tanked on booze, acting like the schmucks they are as a follow up to the Running of the Santas. It's the cold-weather version of the Erin Express with red in place of green, and, well, that's the only difference. As a fierce defender of the finer establishments in Philly, Eater has created these signs to keep the Red Tidal Wave of Assholes away from your place.


No Santas: Go Back to the North Pole
Drunk Santas Not Welcome
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Drunk Santas

Just download one of these signs, print it out, tape it to the window of your restaurants, and as long as they're literate no drunk Santas on Saturday. Consider this an early Christmas gift from your good friends at Eater.

Good luck out there.

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