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Chickie's & Pete's Fed the Newest Phillie Lobster and Called It A Cheesesteak

That's not a cheesesteak, Ben.
That's not a cheesesteak, Ben.
Photo: Ben Revere

While the city of Philadelphia waited with baited breath to see if the Phillies would make a play for troubled outfielder Josh Hamilton, the owners landed up-and-coming stud Ben Revere from the Minnesota Twins, quieting the angry masses. Since becoming a Phillie, the city has peppered him with welcoming tweets, and today he excitedly replied that he was getting food at Chickie's and Pete's. While C&P isn't a bastion of culinary excellence, the food is pretty damned good for a sports bar.

That was until he tweeted the picture above with the caption "First Philly Cheesesteak Ever." Not only is that roll filled with the white meat of a lobster, but there's lettuce and tomato on it, too. While Revere stated he didn't order the right thing, we place the blame squarely on C&P for not pointing him in the right direction, seeing as he's new in town.

So, Pete Ciarrocchi, we implore you to feed this man a steaming heap of Crab Fries and a giant bowl of mussels in red sauce, which your establishment does quite well. And, Ben, if you're still looking for a cheesesteak, head to John's Roast Pork or Chink's, both of whom have our stamp of approval.

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