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Chickie's & Pete's Accused of Tip Skimming Via 'Pete Tax'

Chickie's and Pete's is in hot water again.
Chickie's and Pete's is in hot water again.
Photo: Philadelphia Marketplace

The heated discussion surrounding local restaurateurs forcing servers to pay credit card fees on tips had quieted down recently. That was until Chickie's & Pete's bartender Andrew Laplante revealed that he had been paying a "Pete Tax" for the three years he worked at the airport location, and was bringing a federal lawsuit against the owners of the restaurant. The "tax" was not optional or voluntary, the lawsuit contends.

Laplante said that every employee was forced to pay the bar 2% of their total credit-card receipts, in cash, after closing. The lawsuit states that this action violates federal, state, and city wage laws. In some cases, the Pete Tax would hit upwards of $60 to $75, which equals almost 10% of the wages earned during a shift.

"Anybody who knows me, knows that at Chickie's and Pete's, we've always tried to do the right thing by our employees. We treat people fairly and with respect," owner Pete Ciarrocchi said. Last week, C&P fed new Phillies star Ben Revere lobster and told him it was a cheesesteak.

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