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A-Holes Rob 'Toys For Tots' at Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop

Some jerk stole the Toys for Tots box from this place.
Some jerk stole the Toys for Tots box from this place.
Photo: Bunky Cooks

Dan Weiss, owner of the legendary Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, has been rounding up donations for Toys for Tots for more than 20 years. But, this year, some jerk (or jerks) stole the entire box from the front of the store after Weiss had closed up for the night. In all the years he's been collecting toys, nothing like this has ever happened.

Weiss, who's family has owned the shop since 1962, is researching the possibility that neighborhood surveillance cameras caught the lowlife in the act, leading to the recovery of the toys. Additionally, if you have any info, please contact the shop at (888) 343-3327. "I'm still in shock," Weiss said. "I guess I was looking for the brighter side of humanity."

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Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop

8509 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA