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5 Luxury Estates to Use for Your Holiday Card, and More!

And now for the latest from our sister site, Curbed Philly, your source for hideous interior design, accusations of gentrifcation, unions and developers wanting to murder each other, and gossip about real estate, neighborhoods and architecture.
MAIN LINE AND OTHER FANCY SPOTS—Here are five properties to Photoshop yourself onto for a holiday card. Circulate card liberally through social media applications. Congrats on all your success!
30TH STREET STATION—In a poignant video appeal, Amtrak pleads with Philadelphians not to yell at them during the construction nightmare of the next half-century.

THE INTERNETCurbed Cup 2012, our contest for the Best Neighborhood of the Year, is down to the Final Four. Thus far it's been a robust battle with a lot of smack talk from opposing sides.
CENTER CITY, ETC.—Christmas frees us and makes it okay to be kitschy, in the same way Halloween makes it okay for women to dress like hookers (oh, wait, bad example). But check out our Very Kitschy Christmas map!