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Ms. Tootsie's Waitress Shot Walking Home From Work

A waitress who worked at Ms. Tootsie's was shot.
A waitress who worked at Ms. Tootsie's was shot.
Photo: Soul of America

A 24-year-old waitress heading home after her shift at Ms. Tootsie's was hit with a stray bullet last night. The violence erupted on 13th and Catharine Streets, and today the victim is still in critical condition in the hospital, while police search for the shooter. The camera placed nearby is thought to be out of service, so details are sketchy. The bullet went through the victim's back and broke a window nearby. That corner has been the scene of gang-related violence before, but the cops would not say whether or not that was the case in this instance.

Ms. Tootsie's owner Keven Parker said that the waitress was a big part of the restaurant and that he had a close personal relationship with her. "I can't say it enough, one of my best employees," Parker told Fox 29. "Like a daughter to me. I love, I love. I love her." If you have any info about the shooting, please contact the South Detectives at (215) 686-3013.

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