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Philly Mag's Top 50 Restaurants List Stirs Up Chatter

Marigold Kitchen landed really high on the list.
Marigold Kitchen landed really high on the list.
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Today, Philly Mag revealed their Top 50 Restaurants list, and it contained more than a few controversial choices which got the Twitterverse buzzing. But, that's what these lists are supposed to do, right? Super-buzzy Stateside landed at the top of the heap wearing the crown, and way-outside pick Marigold Kitchen ended up at number 2. But, former top dog Zahav barely cracked the top 15, Amis bested Osteria and Vetri, and Percy Street BBQ made the list, but Fette Sau didn't.

In terms of omissions, the big surprises were Nick Elmi's 3-Belled Rittenhouse Tavern, South Philly Taproom, and Eater-fave (and another Craig LaBan 3-Beller) Ela.

For our take on the top spots to eat, don't forget about the Eater 38.

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