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HughE Dillon Looks Back on a Year of Philly Food

As the year comes to a close, Eater reached out to a clutch of media folk to comment on the dining scene in 2012. It was a big year for Philly, from come ups, to break ups, and everything in between. Philly Chit Chat's HughE Dillon starts us off.
If you don't know who HughE Dillon is, you don't read the internet in Philly. He's our favorite celebrity photographer, but has become so much more. Besides his super-popular site, Philly Chit Chat, you can find him on Fox 29's Good Day Philly, and he's got a column in Philly Mag to boot. We're probably leaving something out. But, you'll always find him at every important restaurant opening, if he's not too busy chasing Miley Cyrus or Bradley Cooper around for shots. Also, he's a real nice guy.

Name your top restaurant standbys of 2012 -- the restaurants you returned to most.
Sampan and Opa for sure.

What are the top restaurant newcomers of 2012?
La Calaca Feliz, Stateside, and Jamonera.

Describe 2012 in one word.

What was the best dining neighborhood in Philly in 2012?

What was the biggest dining surprise of 2012?
Opa's Beer Garden serves completely different food then what they serve in the restaurant and it all comes out of a tiny kitchen. Their chefs aren't Greek, but they make delicious Greek dishes.

What and where was your single best meal in 2012?
D'Angelos on 20th Street, I dream of their lasagna. Reminds me of mom's and it's great every time I eat it.

Were there any restaurants that you broke up with in 2012?
The Dandelion. They really need to serve the Yorkshire Pudding on their everyday menu.

Dining world headline predictions for 2013?
Stephen Starr saves South Street

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