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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at Meritage

Theo Rutherford, a Knob Creek distillery expert, hit his stride as he took all through the history of the standard bearer in small-batch bourbon. As guests dispersed into the November night, the warming glow of bourbon lit their way home.

Knob Creek Bourbon's perfectly rounded flavors were reflected in the silky salmon pastrami appetizer, Knob Creek's saucy and spicy Rye Whiskey found an able and willing dance partner in the burnished quail with bourbon apple stuffing, and Knob Creek Single Barrel's depth heralded open season on the perfectly prepared Cervena venison topped off with a bourbon gastrique.

, who sets a new standard for what elegant comfort food can mean, artfully wove the heady, nuanced flavors of Knob Creek into each course. Chef Anne Coll, for Knob Creek's one-of-a-kind infusion and pairing dinner were regaled with a feast that originated deep in the heart of autumn. MeritageBourbon and venison and quail oh my! Guests who were lucky enough to be at neighborhood favorite,