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This Guy Stole a Wawa Ordering Terminal

This guy stole a Wawa ordering terminal.
This guy stole a Wawa ordering terminal.
Photo: Lower Merion Police Department

Do you know the man in the picture above? Because if you do, the Lower Merion Police Department would like to hear from you, seeing how he stole one of those touchscreen ordering devices from Wawa on Woodside Avenue. The big heist happened back on November 24 around midnight, when the thief casually unhooked the terminal and stuffed it under his shirt and walked out the front door.

There's a good chance he did it on a drunk scavenger hunt or dare, as Wawa officials say the computer has no other real use outside of letting your sandwich-maker know just how much mayo you need on that turkey shorti. If you have any information, please call the Lower Merion po-po at 610-645-6228.

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