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Introducing Racked Philly: Shopping and Fashion Intelligence

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Philly's shopping and retail scene is so rich, so diverse, so on-the-brink-of-something-fantastic, that we almost feel like we're keeping a secret—and we are terrible at keeping secrets. So, today, we're pleased to introduce a new member of our family of Philly websites: meet Racked Philly. The site will tell you about the very best sales, the newest under-the-radar designers, and the latest retailers to scoop up space on Walnut Street.

Notice a new boutique in your 'hood? Racked Philly wants to hear about it. Spot a Standard Poodle in the bathroom at the Rittenhouse Barnes and Noble? Take a photo (we wish we had!). From the straightforward to the wacky, Racked Philly want to hear from you.

Don't delay. Check out Racked Philly right now. >>