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PBC Launches New Beer; Korean Short Rib Corn Dog

MARKET EASTPhiladelphia Brewing Company released their new brew today at Molly Malloy's in the Reading Terminal Market. The beer is called 1892 Stout in honor of the RTM's 120 years in business, and is, obviously, a stout. In true PBC fashion, the beer is a sessioner at only 6% ABV. [Meal Ticket]

UNIVERSITY CITYLa Terrasse is becoming Doc Magrogan's Oyster House. The Insider's Mike Klein is reporting that no one wanted to revive the once legendary La Terrasse, which was the place where Ira Einhorn met Holly Maddux, whom he later killed and stuffed in a trunk. Can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to bring that kind of magic back. [The Insider]

G-HOMeritage just added a Korean Short Rib Corn Dog to the menu. It might not be earthshattering news, but that sounds damn delicious, and we're going to try to eat one this weekend. It's $8 and comes with kimchi on a potato roll. [Grub Philly]