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Nomad Pizza Opens Tonight at 4 P.M.

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611 South 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Status: Opening tonight at 4 P.M.

Tom Grim and Stalin Bedon finally cut the ribbon on their long-awaited Philly outpost of Nomad Pizza today. Set just off South Street in the former Horizons restaurant building, the Nomad team is ready to send out their buzzworthy wood-fired pies. The prices are seriously affordable, and they've tapped locals Renaissance Sausage to provide the meats for their signature pie, which joins other flagship offerings of arugula and prosciutto and the standard margherita. There will be craft beer and wine flowing freely, and expect movie nights on the second floor in short order. We suggest stopping by tonight before the weekend hits, and the line is out the door.

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Nomad Pizza Company

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA