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Darling Chipotle TV Spot Better Than The Grammys

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The best commercial about stop-motion pigs ever made
The best commercial about stop-motion pigs ever made
Photo: Chipotle

If you didn't watch The Grammys last night, you missed one of the most touching and heartfelt commercials we've ever seen. In between the canonization of a woman-beater and a self-indulgent 7-minute Coldplay snoozefest, Chipotle aired their first national spot which touched on the conscience of purveyors who take part in factory farming.

It's a stop-motion piece that debuted online in August, but only hit the airwaves for the first time last night. It's a good Monday morning starter for a surely long week ahead. And, we just might go eat a Chipotle burrito at lunch today. The soundtrack is national treasure Willie Nelson performing Coldplay's "The Scientist" better than they did in the first place, just like he did Johnny Cash did with Nine Inch Nails "Hurt" a few years back. And, aren't the piggies so cute? We would totally buy a playset for our desks.

· Back To the Start [Chipotle YouTube]