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Budinos On-The-Go; Cheapest Banh Mi in Philly

GAYBORHOODBarbuzzo is doing a repeat of last year and packing up their super-popular Caramel Budinos to go. Grub Street is reporting that owners Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran are almost doubling the amount they produced last year to keep up with demand. You can buy them at Verde, right next door to Barbuzzo. Get 'em soon, they'll surely be gone fast. [Grub Philly]

CHINATOWNIron Tower in Chinatown makes a mean banh mi, and it's the cheapest one anywhere, so says Drew Lazor, our resident banh-medium. $3 flat is the price out the door for a great rendition of what has become one of Philly's favorite to-go bites over the last few years. Owner Mitchell Ho only recently started selling the sandwiches, as Iron Tower only made proper French desserts previously. [Meal Ticket]

G-HOFoobooz is reporting that Grace Tavern added a sandwich to their menu, a grilled chicken with bourbon mayo. While that doesn't sound postworthy, the fact they haven't really changed the menu since 2004 is kind of a big deal and puzzling. Maybe in 2018, they'll add a beet salad. [Foobooz]


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