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Loneliness is The Pittsburgh Cheesesteak

We came across the Pittsburgh Cheesesteak on a recent solo trip to American Sardine Bar in Point Breeze. The $12 hulking monster featured seasoned strip beef slathered in cheese on a crusty hoagie roll, topped with a healthy order of fries and coleslaw, an homage to the Primanti Bros. from our neighbor town to the west. It definitely hit the spot, but is also the kind of thing you can only eat by yourself. It's not first date food, and even someone who has been living with you for any serious amount of time wouldn't want to be seen with you eating this in public. So, take a lunch, and feel the satisfaction of dining alone like the gluttonous sloth you are.

· American Sardine Bar [Official]

American Sardine Bar

1800 Federal Street, Philadelphia, PA