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La Famiglia Expanding; More Revelers in AC

GAYBORHOODThe Sena family (La Famiglia, Le Castagne) is opening another Italian joint, Spiga, at 13th and Locust Streets. The Insider is reporting that the menu will be modern Italian cuisine, and that the chef will be Brian Wilson, who is currently at Le Castagne. We love Le Castagne, but the Sena family has kind of lost it. Yawn. [The Insider]

SOUTH STREETEuropean Republic opened their second outpost at 602 South Street this week, offering a menu full of frites and wraps. The Lazor reports that some of the housemade dipping sauces won't make the trip from Old City to South Street, but the badass jalapeño is surely available. Vegans will be satiated by the menu, too, so there's something for everyone. [Meal Ticket]

ATLANTIC CITYToday's Revel Casino news comes in the form of Michel Richard joining the fray with Central, O Bistro, and The Breakfast Room.. It's now official. Anyone who has ever opened a restaurant in the history of the world is adding an outpost in the new super-luxe casino. [EDC]