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Travel to Cuba with Chef Guillermo Pernot of Cuba Libre

Yes, the real Havana, Cuba. Not some stupid themed dinner.
Yes, the real Havana, Cuba. Not some stupid themed dinner.
Photo: Cuban Tourism Board

Chef Guillermo Pernot of Cuba Libre is taking 15 lucky and pretty darned wealthy folks along with him to Havana, Cuba for 5 days in late April. If you have $4,000, you can travel with the group, too, which will be making many edible stops along the way to paladares, which are restaurants set inside the home of a chef. Havana is also known for an amazing urban farming movement, which is part of the tour as well. While the ticket price is a bit steep, it includes prices for all food, airfare, hotels, tips, taxis, and your Letter of Authorization.

Other famous local chefs have taken groups on tours before (Mike Solomonov took people to Israel, and Jeff Michaud took a group to Bergamo, Italy), but this trip will be the first opportunity for many Americans to visit the beautiful island which up until recently was under strict travel embargo. That alone makes the four grand sticker price worth it, along with Pernot's knowledge of the restaurant scene in Havana. If you're interested in taking the trip, call the restaurant, or shoot them an email to get on the list.

· Cuba Libre [Official]

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