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Star Chef John Shields Says Philly Restaurant Possible

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John Shields at Town House
John Shields at Town House
Photo: Town House

After telling you about chef John Shields nesting in Philly for the foreseeable future, Eater Philly rang up the critically-acclaimed cook to discuss his future plans.

"My wife's family is from West Chester, so we're moving there in a month," said Shields, who recently was named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs. "But, we're definitely looking at Philly as a possible location to open our own place."

Shields said he was familiar with the great chefs here in town, but hasn't dined here personally and was looking to remedy that in the near future. When we asked why he left the award-winning Town House, Shields said it was just time to move on.

"We did good work at Town House, it was great," said Shields. "But, I want to do my own dining room, my own kitchen, and just have my own restaurant. That's why we picked up."

Shields said there were already a few pokers in the fire, but no investors had wowed him yet. D.C. is another potential outpost for Shields new location, but Eater is planning on doing everything possible to add this talent to our already amazing roster of talented chefs. Please stay, John.

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